filtered member directories stopped working

BP Profile Search filtered member directories stopped working

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    Terri R


    We have been using your plugin for quite some time and it’s been working well. Within the last couple weeks, the filtered member directory shortcodes stopped working. I have tried a debug log (shows no errors), Chrome dev inspector (shows no errors), adding BP Classic plugin (now returns the full member list instead of the filtered list), tried switching to a regular WP theme (no luck).

    Then turned of Wordfence. Problem went away. Turned WF back on and in learning mode. Still a problem. Changed to disabled mode. Still a problem. Deactivated WF. Problem goes away. WF does not list the plugin as a security threat, so I can’t select false positive.

    So, there is some kind of conflict between WF and BP Profile Search. We CAN’T get rid of WF as it blocks all kinds of bad traffic!


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    Hi Terri,

    Sorry for the late reply, I missed your post.

    Could you please try BP Profile Search 5.7 ands see if the problem goes away? You can use WP Rollback to switch between plugin versions.

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