BP Profile Search

BP Profile Search is a BuddyPress plugin that lets you build custom Members search forms, and custom Members Directory pages you can also use as search results pages. This page is the official documentation for BP Profile Search 4.8.3 (May 28, 2018).



With BP Profile Search you can build custom Members search forms to let visitors search your BuddyPress Members Directory and, if they are Members, their Friends list.

You can insert a search form in a Members Directory page, in a sidebar or widget area, or in any post or page without modifying your theme.

When visitors click the Search button, they are redirected to the Members Directory page showing their search results. The All Members tab shows all the results, while the My Friends tab shows the results found among your visitor’s friends.

Using a shortcode, you can build additional custom Members Directory pages you can also use as results pages for your search forms. To learn more, see the Custom Directories page.

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Build a search form

After the standard plugin installation procedure, you’ll be able to access the plugin settings page Users -> Profile Search, where you can create and customize your search forms.

To create a form, use the button Add New. You can then add the form fields, specify the form settings and select the form template.

Form Fields

In this section you can select the profile fields to show in your search form.

  • Customize the field label and description, or leave them empty to use the default
  • Select the field search mode from the Search Mode drop-down list
  • To reorder the fields in the form, drag them up or down by the handle on the left
  • To remove a field from the form, click Remove on the right
  • To leave a field description blank, enter a single dash (-) character

For additional information on search modes, see the Search Modes page.

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Form Settings

In this section you can specify the form settings.

Form Method
Select your form’s method attribute.

  • POST: the form data are not visible in the URL and it’s not possible to bookmark the results page
  • GET: the form data are sent as URL variables and it’s possible to bookmark the results page

Directory (Results Page)
Select the Members Directory page to be used as your form’s results page. You can choose:

  • The BuddyPress Members Directory page
  • A custom Members Directory page

You can create a custom Members Directory page using the shortcode [bps_directory]. To learn more, see the Custom Directories page.

Add to Directory
Choose whether to add your form to the above Members Directory page.

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Form Template

In this section you can select how to display your search form.

  • Select the form template
  • Specify the template options, if any

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Persistent Search

In this section you can enable or disable the persistent search feature.

  • If enabled, a search is cleared when the user hits the Clear button
  • If disabled, a search is cleared when the user hits the Clear button, or navigates away from the results page

This selection applies to all your forms at once.

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Display a search form

After you build a search form, you can display it:

  • In its Members Directory page, using the option Add to Directory
  • In a sidebar or widget area, using the widget Profile Search
  • In a post or page, using the shortcode:
    [bps_form id=form_id] (*)
  • Anywhere in your theme, using the PHP code:
    <?php do_action ('bps_display_form', form_id); ?> (*)

(*) Replace form_id with the actual ID of your form.

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I hope you find this plugin useful. If you have suggestions for improvement, if you need help, or if something is not working for you as expected, please use the Support Forum.