Menubar is a menu plugin for WordPress, that adds one or more configurable menus to your WordPress site.

With Menubar you can create single and multi-level menus, and control their appearance with customizable menu templates.

Build a menu

With the Menubar menu builder, see the Menu Builder page for details, you can:

  • Create, edit, and delete menus.
  • Add, edit, rearrange, and remove menu items.
  • Use as menu items the homepage, the frontpage, a category or a category tree, a static page or a page tree, a tag archive or a tag list, a single post, a search box, or any URL, hard-coded or generated from a code snippet.
  • Select the menu template to display a menu.

Some menu templates can only display single level menus, while the Suckerfish and Superfish templates can display multi-level menus.

Display a menu

After you create a menu, you can display it where you need it on your site.

A) If you are using a block theme, use a shortcode block containing the menubar shortcode:

[menubar menu='name of your menu'].

B) If you are using a classic theme with a page builder, use a text block containing the menubar shortcode:

[menubar menu='name of your menu'].

C) If you are using a classic theme without a page builder, you have three choices:

c1) Insert the following line of code where you wish to display your menu:

<?php do_action('menubar','name of your menu'); ?>

A good starting place to insert the above line of code could be at the end of the header.php file of your theme. Note that instead of editing your theme you should create a child theme where you can apply your changes.

c2) Use the Menubar widget to place your menu in a widget area of your theme.

c3) Use the menubar shortcode in a post or page, or in a shortcode area of your theme:

[menubar menu='name of your menu']

Menubar templates

Menus built with Menubar are styled using Menubar templates.

A Menubar template is a folder containing a PHP script named wpm3.php, one or more stylesheets, and possibly a few images.

The default Menubar templates are stored in wp-content/plugins/menubar/templates. If you plan to customize your Menubar templates, you should move them into a different folder, so they won’t be overwritten by the next plugin upgrade.

To move your templates:

1) Create a new folder named menubar-templates under wp-content/plugins.

2) Copy everything that’s in wp-content/plugins/menubar/templates into the new menubar-templates folder.

The menubar-templates folder, if present, overrides the default templates folder.


If you have suggestions for improvement, if you need help, or if something is not working for you as expected, please use the Menubar Support Forum.