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    I need to create two directories for my website. It is a website of medical services. So I need to create an area for “psychiatrists” and that only psychiatrists appear there, and another area for “cardiologists” and that only cardiologists appear there. Is it possible?

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    Hi David,

    Yes it’s possible, using the [bps_directory] shortcode.

    If psychiatrists and cardiologists are member types, you can put:

    [bps_directory bp_member_type=Psychiatrist]

    [bps_directory bp_member_type=Cardiologist]

    in two different empty pages.

    For additional details, see:

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    Hi Andrea,

    Many thanks. It works perfectly.
    Now I´ve two inquiries more:
    1. When I create a new user, a field called “About the user” appears, where I can put their biographical information. However, when searching for them on my website I don´t see such information. How do I make it public?

    2. No person will be allowed to register on the website on their own, therefore all users have been created by me. When I do the search on the website obviously they all show up as “Not recently active”. However, I want to remove that information, that is, no information about its activity appears.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Hi David,

    Unfortunately I don’t know the answers. Your “About the user” field is likely provided by your theme or another plugin. I suggest you find out where that field comes from, so you can ask the author of the theme or plugin for advice.

    The text “Not recently active” comes from BuddyPress instead. You can probably remove it if you or your developer modify the BuddyPress directory template.

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