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    Sander Kuipers

    Hi, where exactly can I find the language folder for this plugin so I can start with the translation into Dutch.

    I did see the plugin files are already setup for translation, but the plugin folder lacks a pot file.

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    Hi Sander,

    Thank you for your help!

    BP Profile Search can be translated online, see the page:

    When you click on Dutch, Stable, you get the page:

    where you can actually translate the plugin strings.

    When the translation is complete, WordPress builds a language pack that is automatically downloaded to all the Dutch language sites using BP Profile Search.

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    Ok, thanks!

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    Maksim Rusakovich


    Could you, please, check tranlation? Because strings are translated, but the website shows the same result. Other plugins are translated well. I use Loco translate

    Thank you

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    Hello Maksim,

    The string in question is the default value for new forms, i.e. if you create a new form you should get the translation.

    For existing forms, the value is the one stored in the database. That means you have to change it manually to your language, in the Edit Form page, box Form Template.

    Can you confirm?

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