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    I have 2 questions:
    1. In my buddyboss profiles I have an extra Xprofile field which is an image. Is it possible to show this as an image in the result? Now it is completely empty. When I look at the page with browser inspect it looks like the field is skipped. I already setup an custom directory. The image is field_7, the others show as expected.
    [bps_directory template=”members/index-2, members/members-loop-2″ show=’ field_4, field_5,field_6,field_7′]
    2. I use these fields in a group which is a repeater set. So if someone has 2 sets filled in get as result for example field_4
    “Field Name: Value set1 Value set2”
    Is it possible to get something like
    “Field Name: Value set1”
    “Field Name: Value set2”

    Thank you, Walter

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    Hi Walter,

    Unfortunately the two features you need are not supported in the current version of BP Profile Search, and I’m adding them to my to-do list.

    Anyway you can ask your developer to modify the BP Profile Search template bps-details.php (it works like a normal BuddyPress template) and he/she can add a suitable workaround there.

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    I am the developer :-), tried some things but I cannot get the image out of the xprofile field. Seems that it is filtered somewhere before but I do not understand where.

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    Hi Walter,

    Try adding this code before the foreach loop in bps-details.php:

    global $members_template;
    echo xprofile_get_field_data (7, $members_template->member->ID);
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