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    I have a question. For my website I want to provide a member directory which is automatically based on your town.

    For example, a user sets his profile location to Rome, Italy. If he now enters the member loop, he is watching at all the users. Of course, he can filter the members with the search form, but is it possible to automatically show him only the members in his town from the beginning?

    Something like:
    [bps_directory field_99=bp_profile_field_data(‘field=99’)]

    I really appreciate your help.
    Thank you!

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    Hi Tim,

    You can add this code to your bp-custom.php file:

    add_filter ('bps_hidden_filters', 'dynamic_filters');
    function dynamic_filters ($filters)
    	$user_id = bp_loggedin_user_id ();
    	if ($user_id != 0)
    		$city = xprofile_get_field_data (99, $user_id);
    		if (!empty ($city))
    			$filters['field_99'] = $city;
    	return $filters;
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