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    Hi, we are using BuddyBoss on our classic car community.
    We want to use the Custom directories functionality of your plugin. But when activating the plugin it conflicts with the profile search in buddyboss.

    Is it possible to enable only the custom directory function and disable the search (and forms) function? Or do you have a seperate plugin with only custom directory functionality? I tested it and it works really well. We plan to use it to make a second members-loop to display all classic cars owned by our members.

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    Hi Walter,

    Unfortunately that’s not possible. If you activate BP Profile Search you need to disable the BuddyBoss built-in version and use the search forms provided by BP Profile Search instead.

    To deactivate the BuddyBoss built-in copy, go to BuddyBoss -> Settings -> Profiles and uncheck the checkbox Enable advanced profile search on the members directory.

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    Thanks. I activated your plugin.
    Just another issue showed up, I will make a new topic for this.

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