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    Hi Andrea

    Is the page about the Custom profile field types current with version 4.2 of the plugin?

    One of my extended profile fields is a zip code and I need to make the search return results within a distance from a given zip code.

    I have an external table with the lat and lng of each zip code of my users, so this part is not the problem at all.

    I manage to insert a “distance” select in the search form next to my zip, but I am afraid I am on the wrong track.

    The correct approach is to define the zip field as a custom field, and apply a specific sql query to that custom field type?

    SELECT user_id FROM {$bp->profile->table_name_data} WHERE value IN (…)

    Thank you!

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    Plugin Author

    Hi Benjamin,

    Unfortunately that page has not yet been updated for BP Profile Search 4.2, please see the note I’ve now added to the top of the page.

    For your zip code field, probably you don’t need to create a new custom field type. You could use the bps_field_query_type filter to fictitiously change the field type on the fly, and then use the bps_field_query filter to return your search results.

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    Hi Andrea

    Sorry I didn’t get to thank you earlier. I got pretty intimate with BP Profile Search 4.2 this weekend, and the zip search was indeed rather easy with the ‘trick’ you suggested.

    I modified some search fields in a similar fashion, like the search based on age that returns search results based on date of birth.

    I do have a concern about performance and scalability. I will try to explain it. I have a database of 1000000 users. Let’s say that in most searches that will be performed, the first criteria is going to be gender: M/F.
    Each search will thus compare first an array of 500000 user ids to the next criteria.

    I think your bps_search function is doing the search criteria by criteria, in the order of the search form. I am afraid that this won’t scale too well.

    Do you have thoughts about this?

    Some thoughts/suggestions…

    1) There is no hook at the end of the bps_search function. I thought that perhaps I could remove artificially from the search some criteria that I anticipate would be the most problematic with regards to size of the array returned, and apply them to the final $result (which could by then be very limited i.e. think depending on the search, after the location criteria, limited to 1-10% of my global population)

    2) I could also perhaps combine a couple of criteria in MySQL, like the gender and location, and thus make MySQL work a tiny bit harder, but spare PHP from having to deal with large arrays, as gender/location combined will effectively return arrays much smaller than gender only

    3) Would it make sense/be possible to reorder the criteria before combining them, so the arrays compared start with the smallest ones…? (whether I would have to make a judgement call and choose arbitrarily which criteria are more likely to be more divisive, or if there was a way to order them based on the size of each array… or… I am not sure how PHP handles large array intersects… could it make sense to trust PHP to do this effectively and do a multiple array intersect on all the arrays of user ids at the end…?)

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

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    Plugin Author

    Hi Netsurfaces,

    I share your concerns about the search performance and scalability, and my plan is to allow developers to easily tweak the search procedure to address those concerns.

    For instance you could use the bps_request filter to reorder the request array, or to combine two or more fields to generate a single SQL query (delete those fields from the request array, and add a fictitious field type to generate the combined SQL query with the following bps_field_query filter).

    I think that the above procedure allows you to implement all your three points.

    For more radical optimization, you could replace the whole bps_search() function. In the next BP Profile Search 4.3 version I’ll try to simplify the search manipulation for developers, so if you have more suggestions they are very welcome.

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