Can I correct this profile field issue (caused by me) ?

BP Profile Search Can I correct this profile field issue (caused by me) ?

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    Hi Andrea
    Hope you might be able to assist.

    Not an easy problem to describe.
    But, in brief…

    I created a dating website four years ago.
    Used BP profile search right from the start.
    User registration & profiles contained fields…

    “I am …(sex)…”, two options, male or female, pick one.
    This field was searchable, all good.

    “I am looking for…”, three options, A-male, B-female, C-male & female, pick one.
    This field was not searchable, was just used to display info on profile, all good.

    After 3 years I wanted to make the “..looking for” field searchable, after many users requested this. And I realised I had made a big mistake originally when creating those 3 options. Option C should not have existed, it should have simply been options A and B with the possibility to choose both if required.

    By using an option C as a combination of A and B it is now difficult and confusing for users to search properly.

    So now here I am, 17000 users on my site, and unable to correct this issue. Caused by myself, obviously.

    Could you help me? It’s difficult to explain exactly in detail what’s wrong without showing you. Might I give you access to my site to take a look?


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    Hi Lizzie,

    Sure, you can send me your login details privately using my Contact page.

    If you have a staging or demo site, I would prefer to visit it rather than your real site.

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