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    Hi Andrea!
    Your plugin is excellent and I have already left a good review on the wp forums some time ago.

    Now I’d like to report a problem when using qtranslate-xt
    (which is not dead, as many people think).

    I checked “bps_form” in qtranslate’s settings and it supports your plugin (I can translate the title of the form, labels, descriptions, the bps widget etc).

    But bps grabs the raw data of the translations of buddypress profile fields and the result is like this:

    Any idea on how to fix this problem? Thanks.

    PS If you can reply here, feel free to ignore my posting in the wp forums.

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    I was able to fix the drop-down options of the bps-widget and they don’t display raw data now. I used this code (in functions.php):

    function qtranslate_filter( $text ) {
      return __( $text );
    add_filter( 'bps_add_fields', 'qtranslate_filter', 10, 1);

    BUT the problem is that the translated options don’t work. They don’t give results.
    Here is a screenshot

    I saw (in bps-form.php) that you support Buddypress Multilingual. Qtranslate-xt is used by much more people. Isn’t it worth adding support for this as well?

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi Georgio,

    Thank you for your report and your suggestion!

    I’m going to release a BP Profile Search update, hopefully before the end of July, to add support for qTranslate-XT.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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