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I provide free support for my WordPress plugins both on the WordPress site and here on

Most of the times I’m able to help you without looking at your site, but sometimes I need to have a look at your installation to understand and fix the problem you are reporting.

Only in those few cases, I’ll let you know that I need a WordPress admin and an FTP access to your site. You can privately send the access credentials to my email address

If, when requested, you prefer not to send me your site’s access credentials, you can build a disposable test site, even on a free hosting, that displays the same problem as your main site. Then you can send me the access credentials of your test site instead of those of your main site.

Please note that the WordPress support forum policy does not allow a plugin author to access a user’s site, so if you are willing to grant me access if necessary, please use the support forums here on

BP Profile Search 4.0

BP Profile Search version 4.0 brings a much requested feature, that is support for multiple forms.

You can define any number of search forms and, as usual, you can display them in a widget, or in the Members Directory page, or in any post or page using a shortcode.

Other improvements are the ability to export and import forms, and the ability to choose the form method attribute, POST or GET.

If you choose GET, the form data are sent as URL variables and users can bookmark the results page; if you choose POST, the form data are not visible in the URL and it’s not possible to bookmark the results page.

Please note that version 4 is not compatible with version 3.

After you first upgrade to version 4, you have to reconfigure your BP Profile Search forms and widgets, and modify any BP Profile Search shortcodes and do_action codes you are using.

In a multisite installation, you’ll find the BP Profile Search settings page in the individual Site Admin(s), and no longer in the Network Admin.

BP Profile Search 3.6

I’ve just released BP Profile Search 3.6. My plan for this version was to remove the limitation of having only one Age Range Search and one Value Range Search option.

That change required a new settings UI, and the new UI also happens to allow the customization of the field label and description, and the reordering of the form fields.

This version also features a Help section, and two updated translations: Russian (thanks to Ivan Dyakov) and Italian.

If you have feature requests for the next version, this is the time to submit them (please use the Support Forum).

BP Profile Search 3.5

BP Profile Search 3.5 is now available.

Version 3.5 features a new option to automatically add your search form to your Members Directory page, so you won’t have to modify your theme any more.

Additionally, a few bugs in multisite installations have been fixed and the plugin is now ready for localization.

If you prepare a translation file for your language, please let me know. I’ll include it in the official plugin distribution, with acknowledgment of your work.

Please note that version 3.5 requires BuddyPress 1.8 or higher. The new option won’t work with earlier BuddyPress versions.

BP Profile Search 3.4

Version 3.4 adds the Value Range Search feature. The new code was contributed by Florian Shie├čl (thanks Florian) and lets you perform a value range search in a chosen numeric field.

An application suggested by Florian is a simple proximity search based on zip/postal code values. If your chosen field contains a numeric zip/postal code, you can perform a search for a range of zip codes containing yours, and you’ll get a list of BuddyPress members with a zip code numerically close to yours.

Of course you can find many more applications. Enjoy!

BP Profile Search 3.3

A new version of BP Profile Search is ready!

This version implements one of your most requested features, that is search results pagination.

When search results exceed your Members Directory page length, they are paginated and the following results pages are loaded via AJAX, just like the standard directory pages.

And if your visitors click the ‘My Friends’ tab while a search is active, they can see their search results limited to their friends, that means they can search their friends directory in addition to the general members directory.

To remind your visitors that their search is active, a simple search summary is displayed under the Members Directory page title. As soon as your visitors navigate away from the Members Directory, their search is deactivated.

Another improvement, on the settings side, is that you no longer need to worry about the ‘Filtered Members List’ option in the ‘Advanced Options’ tab, because the members directory list is automatically detected.

This version fixes a bug when search terms contain an apostrophe (e.g. O’Connor) and no longer resets the plugin configuration on activation.

And finally, please note that BP Profile Search 3.3 requires BuddyPress 1.7, and won’t work with earlier versions of BuddyPress.


This is the most recent iteration of my site. I am now supporting a single language, English, and I have archived all the old material to focus on a single topic.

This site now offers support and documentation for my two free WordPress plugins, Menubar and BP Profile Search.