BP Distance Search

Following many user requests, today I’ve released BP Distance Search.

BP Distance Search adds a new Google Place Autocomplete field type to your BuddyPress extended profiles.

You can then add the Google Place Autocomplete fields to your BP Profile Search forms, selecting either the distance search mode or one of the usual text search modes contains, is, or is like.

This plugin has been written mainly as a reference implementation for those plugins that add a location field type to the BuddyPress profiles, and wish to make it available for a search by distance in BP Profile Search forms.

That means that BP Distance Search will work as described, will be supported and maintained, but most likely won’t be extended with new features. In other words, I’m not planning to write another Google maps plugin, I only wish to offer the search by distance to the many users who ask for it.

I hope you’ll find this new plugin useful. As usual, for questions, suggestions and bug reports please use the BP Profile Search Support Forum.