BP Profile Search 5.4

BP Profile Search 5.4 does no longer enqueue any scripts before calling a form template, see BP Profile Search 5.3.3 for all the details.

This may break custom form templates that rely on these scripts but don’t enqueue them. This change was announced more than one year ago, so I hope that all the custom form templates are now updated according to the above post.

Additionally, the filters template has been completely rewritten, in order to be easier to customize. If you did customize your filters template earlier, probably your customizations won’t work in version 5.4.

For the above reasons, I suggest to test this version on your staging site before installing it on your live site.

If you already installed version 5.4 and you wish to roll back to the previous version, you can easily do so with WP Rollback.

On the other hand, if you are not using any custom templates and have not applied any template customizations, these changes won’t affect you.

And as usual if you have questions, bug reports or suggestions, please feel free to use the plugin Support Forum.