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    Hi Andrea,

    My question has two questions.

    1. A member notified me today that when you do a search, the first page of results shows the filtered results but when you go to 2nd page, it shows all members, no longer filtering. Plugin conflict or something else?

    2. I am using the bps-form-legacy. Is that the wrong form to use? I am little confused what form and how to change it to the updated one if that’s what I should do. Could that be the cause of the bug in question 1 or unrelated?

    Thank you

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    Hi Daria,

    1. You can try to delete your current BP Profile Search copy and reinstall a fresh one. Instead of waiting for the next version, I updated the current version 5.2.4 to fix a bug that looks like yours. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try something else.

    2. There is no ‘wrong’ form template to use, both the old and the new templates are supported in version 5.2.4. The next version 5.3 will no longer support old templates, and if you were still using one you’ll be warned before upgrading.

    To know more about the templates you are using, look at the settings page Users -> Profile Search in the Template column. Templates whose name is shown in green or blue text will be supported in 5.3, those shown in red text will not.

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    Hi Andrea, thanks for the info.
    I actually could not find the issue with the search on desktop or mobile, so maybe my user had some issue related to a browser or other. I have not had other people let me know of this issue. I am ignoring it for now.

    However, I don’t quite understand how I add a new form using the new template. I go to Users – Profile Search and when I try to add new search form, under Form Template, it only shows me options Legacy, Inline or With Labels. I don’t see anything that says Default. I’m using Kleo theme and plugin version 5.2.4.

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    Hi Daria,

    Those form templates are provided by the Kleo theme, and they replace the BP Profile Search built-in template. You can upgrade BP Profile Search to the latest version, and see if everything works fine.

    If something doesn’t work as expected, you can immediately roll back to BP Profile Search 5.2.4, using the WP Rollback plugin.

    Of course if you have a testing or staging site you can test the new version there.

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    Hi Andrea, I upgraded to the version 5.3.1 through Kleo plugins (on my staging site) and I see bps-form-default.php in FTP but it doesn’t appear in the template options when I try to create a new form. Why am I not seeing it?

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    OK, I have now deleted the plugin, reinstalled it from Plugins ( not Kleo plugins) and the template is still not there when I create new form. I have also copied the bps-form-default from your BP Search folder into themes/kleo-child/buddypress/members folder where other templates live and still nothing shows when I create new form.

    Is this a Kleo problem? Maybe you can log into my staging.

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    Hi Daria,

    Kleo replaces the built-in bps-form-default template with a set of templates designed to work well with the Kleo theme.

    If you don’t have problems with the Kleo templates, there is no need to switch to bps-form-default.

    If you just wish to experiment, you have to explicitly add bps-form-default to the templates drop-down, using this code in bp-custom.php:

    add_filter ('bps_templates', 'add_template', 20);
    function add_template ($templates)
        $templates[] = 'members/bps-form-default';
        return $templates;
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    Daria Wilczynska

    Hey Andrea,

    I had to add the custom code for the default template as the Kleo legacy form is not displaying on a page after upgrade to the latest version of your plugin. I used default form and created some test fields and added to a page and it works.

    I think you should check with Kleo people about adding the default form in their next release as their form is not going to work after the upgrade to 5.3.1.

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    Thank you Daria.

    I informed the SeventhQueen Support pointing them to this forum topic.

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