BP Profile Search 5.3.3

This post is for developers who create custom form templates, final users don’t need to take any action (unless they created a custom template themselves).

Before calling a form template, BP Profile Search used to enqueue some scripts required by the default template, bps-form-default.

This was wrong, because templates are designed to be replaceable and each template should enqueue its own scripts. Moreover, the scripts required by bps-form-default were enqueued for every template.

Starting with version 5.3.3, bps-form-default enqueues its own scripts.

To avoid breaking custom templates that use bps-form-default scripts but don’t enqueue them, BP Profile Search will continue to enqueue those scripts for every template, but only until June 2020.

Custom templates should be modified, to enqueue the scripts they need, as soon as possible. Of course custom templates can include the same scripts as bps-form-default if needed, see the source file bps-form-default.php for reference.

After June 2020, BP Profile Search will no longer enqueue any scripts for any template.