Monthly Archives: August 2015

BP Profile Search 4.3

BP Profile Search 4.2, released on April 19th, introduced the form templates. BP Profile Search 4.3, released today, modifies (slightly) the template structure to add support for certain custom profile field types.

Unfortunately, if you modified a 4.2 template to customize it, your modified template won’t work well with version 4.3. You have two choices:

1. Edit your template and update it to the 4.3 template structure;

2. Or, if you prefer, reapply to a 4.3 template the changes you made to the 4.2 template.

I’m sorry for the extra work you’ll have to do, but I wasn’t able to preserve the compatibility with older templates.

I’ve also updated the documentation for custom field types authors, that has been affected by the introduction of templates.

If you are a developer and create custom field types, please have a look at the new documentation that explains all the currently supported hooks. Please note that old hooks not mentioned in the current documentation don’t work anymore or, if they are working, they are deprecated and will be removed in a future plugin version.